19I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in Philosophy of Physics at the Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, and a member of the Lichtenberg Group for History and Philosophy of Physics at the University of Bonn. Within the project ‘LHC and gravity’—with Krämer (Theoretical Particle Physics), Lehmkuhl (HPS), Scholz (Hist&Phil of Maths) and Carretero Sahuquillo (PhilPhys)—we investigate philosophical aspects of the Dark Matter vs Modified Gravity debate. This project occurs within the broader framework of the exciting, first-of-its-kind, interdisciplinary research unit ‘Epistemology of the LHC’. I am interested in the distinct but related questions ‘What is this thing called spacetime?’ and ‘What do symmetries tell us about nature?’, and, more broadly, in philosophy/metaphysics of science and high energy physics & cosmology.

My DPhil (=PhD) thesis was accepted in 2017, after being supervised by Oliver Pooley, David Wallace and Adam Caulton whilst I was a member of Magdalen College (University of Oxford). It discusses what it means for a physical magnitude to be dimensionful. Before that I did an MSt in Philosophy of Physics, also at Magdalen College, and before that a BSc and MSc in Theoretical Physics and a BA in Philosophy of Physics at the University of Groningen. Other brief adventures include being a visiting philosopher at Princeton, chasing ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays at the Rudolf Peierls Institute (Oxford), being a psychology minor at the Australian National University, and internshipping in Cairo.

I am a big fan of Octopush (underwaterhockey) (check out my latest skill), dancing & teaching Bachata & SalsaCanoe Polo, SCUBA-Diving, Quidditch, Rowing, Backpacking, Surfing, Lord of the Rings, The Big Bang Theory, Dodgeball and of course that which The Netherlands is* most famous for: Symphonic Gothic Metal.

*should be