11-DSC07072-EditI am currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in Philosophy of Physics within the interdisciplinary research unit ‘Epistemology of the LHC’. I am located at the University of Bonn, Germany, in the Lichtenberg Group for History and Philosophy of Physics, and am associated with the Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology at RWTH Aachen University. Our project team ‘LHC, dark matter & gravity’ consists of Krämer (Theoretical Particle Physics), Lehmkuhl (HPS), Scholz (Hist&Phil of Maths) and Haude (PhilPhys). We investigate philosophical aspects of the Dark Matter vs Modified Gravity debate. I am interested in the distinct but related questions ‘What is this thing called spacetime?’ and ‘What do symmetries tell us about nature?’, and, more broadly, in philosophy/metaphysics of science and the epistemology of scientific collaborations. In September 2022 I will start as a Marie Curie Fellow at Utrecht University, working on the philosophy of dark energy. In September 2023 I will start as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard’s Black Hole Initiative.

My DPhil (=PhD) thesis was accepted in 2017, after being supervised by Oliver Pooley, David Wallace and Adam Caulton whilst I was a member of Magdalen College (University of Oxford). It discusses what it means for a physical magnitude to be dimensionful. Before that I did an MSt in Philosophy of Physics, also at Magdalen College, and before that a BSc and MSc in Theoretical Physics and a BA in Philosophy of Physics at the University of Groningen. Other brief adventures include being a visiting philosopher at Princeton, chasing ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays at the Rudolf Peierls Institute (Oxford), being a psychology minor at the Australian National University, and internshipping in Cairo.

I am a big fan of Octopush (underwaterhockey), dancing & teaching Bachata & SalsaCanoe PoloRowing, Backpacking, Surfing, Dodgeball and of course that which The Netherlands is* most famous for: Symphonic Gothic Metal.

*should be
Photo by Nurida Boddenberg