The following overview of projects, blogs, seminars, mailing lists, conferences and resources may be of use to students and other scholars starting out in philosophy of physics and related fields. As this overview is incomplete, I would welcome suggestions. See here for some info about studying philosophy of physics.

Projects & other collaborations


  • Taking Up Spacetime: a very popular blog on Philosophy of Physics, which posts all relevant Calls for Papers, Conference dates, Job Vacancies, etc.
  • Daily Nous: blog on all matters related to academic philosophy; this is where philosophers get their news.
  • Preposterous Universe: a blog by philosophically interested theoretical physicist Sean Carroll
  • Backreaction: a blog by philosophically interested theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder
  • Triton Station: a blog by Stacy McGaugh: the struggle of the modified gravity rebels against the dark matter bullies
  • Auxiliary Hypotheses: Blog of the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophers’ Cocoon: Forum where early-career philosophers can obtain advice
  • News related to the Lichtenberg Group for History and Philosophy of Physics

Seminars & Discussion Groups

Mailing lists

  • ESAP-NEWS. European Society for Analytical Philosophy
  • HPP. Bonn History and Philosophy of Physics
  • PHILOS-L. General philosophy. Europe.
  • PSA Mailing List. Philosophy of Science. International.
  • FILOS-NL. General philosophy. For Dutch-speaking regions.
  • UCLA PhilPhys. Philosophy of Physics. UCLA, but also relevant if you are not located in that region.

Regular conferences