Teaching experience

Current/ Forthcoming

  • Dark Matter & Modified Gravity Working GroupParticle Physics at the Crossroads: International Summer School on the Philosophy, History and Sociology of Particle Physics, Wuppertal, 23-30 July 2018 – I’ll announce the reading list soon
  • Sage Academic CoachOnline Coaching for High School Pupils and Undergraduates, Physics & Philosophy. Please submit your essay or lab report through www.sagecoaches.ca if you would like me to provide feedback.
    • For feedback on University applications, research proposals and academic CVs, please contact me directly via the contact form.


  • Tutor: Philosophy of Science and Social Science (Economics BA), Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, Winter 2016
  • Tutor: Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence (Physics and Philosophy MPhysPhil), Trinity College & The Queen’s College, Oxford University, Spring 2015
  • Tutor: Philosophy of Science (Psychology & Philosophy BA), Worcester College, Oxford University, Spring 2015
  • Tutor: Introduction to the Philosophy of Science (Short Option for 2nd to 4th-year Science Undergraduates), Oxford University, Winter 2014, 2015 & 2016
  • Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Logic (Philosophy, Politics & Economics BA; Philosophy and Modern Languages BA), Hertford College, Oxford University, Fall 2014
  • Tutor: CL120a Intermediate Philosophy of Physics: Quantum Mechanics, CL120b Intermediate Philosophy of Physics: Special Relativity, and CL124 Philosophy of Science (Physics and Philosophy MPhysPhil course), St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University, Spring 2014
  • Lecturer, teaching assistant & syllabus reviewer: Grammar School Final Exam Training (Physics), 150 pupils, University of Groningen, 2008-11
  • Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Modern Physics (Physics BSc course), University of Groningen, Fall 2009