Teaching materials

Guides for Academic Philosophical Practice

  • Layout guide: LaTeX takes care of the layout for you. For MS Word see useful guide by Matthias Brinkmann. Invest an hour, and it will pay off for the rest of your academic career (and outside of that). More importantly, it will make your teacher (i.e. me) very happy. A great lay-out can have a substantive positive influence on the structure and readability of your essay.
  • Essay Writing Checklist: You are advised to use this when writing your (first) essays; either use it just by yourself, or hand it in to me with the essay.
  • Essay Feedback Abbreviations: I will sometimes use abbreviations from David Wallace’s list when giving written feedback on essays. This list represents most of the common mistakes made by essay writers. I advise you to have a look through this list before writing an essay, as it may significantly improve your style and structure.

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