Advanced Topics in Metaphysics

Summer Semester 2020, University of Bonn                        

Mondays, 16:15-17:45, via Zoom (email me for link; martens [at] First session on 20 April                   

Advanced Topics in Metaphysics – Reading List

In this seminar we will discuss several topics in naturalistic metaphysics of science within the analytic tradition, such as space, time, modality, free will and identity. The choice of topics will to some extent depend on the students’ preferences, which will be discussed during the first session. The first session (20 April 2020) will consist of an introduction to naturalistic metaphysics, illustrated by puzzles of identity. Subsequent sessions will consist of discussions of one paper per session. Students are expected to have read that paper, in order to be able to engage with the discussion. (Further background readings will be suggested, but are optional.) Each of those sessions will commence with a student giving a short (around 10 minutes) presentation of the paper as an introduction to the discussion.

There is no required reading for the first session (but see the secondary reading on the reading list above); readings for subsequent sessions will be announced here (see reading list above) and on eCampus (once the eCampus course has been created).

Anforderungen: Presentation