Guides for Academic Philosophical Practice

  • Layout guide: LaTeX takes care of the layout for you. For MS Word see useful guide by Matthias Brinkmann. Invest an hour, and it will pay off for the rest of your academic career (and outside of that). More importantly, it will make your teacher (i.e. me) very happy.

Current/ Forthcoming

  • Sage Academic CoachOnline Coaching for High School Pupils and Undergraduates, Physics & Philosophy. Please submit your essay or lab report through www.sagecoaches.ca if you would like me to provide feedback.
    • For feedback on University applications, research proposals and academic CVs, please contact me directly via the contact form.
  • Lecturer: Topics in Philosophy of Science, Trinity 2016


  • Tutor: Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence (Physics and Philosophy MPhysPhil), Trinity College & The Queen’s College, Oxford University, Spring 2015
  • Tutor: Philosophy of Science (Psychology & Philosophy BA), Worcester College, Oxford University, Spring 2015
  • Tutor: Introduction to the Philosophy of Science (Short Option for 2nd to 4th-year Science Undergraduates), Oxford University, Winter 2014 & 2015
  • Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Logic (Philosophy, Politics & Economics BA; Philosophy and Modern Languages BA), Hertford College, Oxford University, Fall 2014
  • Tutor: CL120a Intermediate Philosophy of Physics: Quantum Mechanics, CL120b Intermediate Philosophy of Physics: Special Relativity, and CL124 Philosophy of Science (Physics and Philosophy MPhysPhil course), St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University, Spring 2014
  • Lecturer, teaching assistant & syllabus reviewer: Grammar School Final Exam Training (Physics), 150 pupils, University of Groningen, 2008-11
  • Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Modern Physics (Physics BSc course), University of Groningen, Fall 2009